Build Fence Stronger & Faster with Big Heel Fasteners®

Big Heel Fasteners make building and repairing fences easier. Available in 3 convenient options, these wire fasteners are constructed from tough aluminum alloy and corrosion-protected Torx® screws for a secure hold.


Installation is simple with a battery-powered drill, and since Big Heel Fasteners don’t rust or fall off, repairs are infrequent.


Many Uses & Applications

Big Heel Fasteners are extremely versatile and can be used for many different applications including farms and ranches, vineyards, national and state parks, electrical and construction sites.


These wire fasteners work on all types of wiring: barbed wire, bare wire, vineyard wires, electrical rope, high tensile wire and wire netting. Plus, they can be used on cattle, hog and horse panels.


Designed to Stay in Place & Last a Lifetime

Big Heel Fasteners are designed to stay put. Screws provide a secure grip in the post and are built to withstand heavy pressure from livestock. Unlike nails or staples, these wire fasteners won’t pull out.


How do they work? The fastener stays in because its wide body has more surface on the wire than a staple. The high, thick heel applies pressure on the holding area of the toe for a tight grip, and the pressure on the heel is transferred to the toe. It keeps the wire so tight that it’ll hold livestock from both sides of the fence.


Fence Repairs Made Easy

Repair fences easily when the tie wire is broken or loose around the post, or if the staples have fallen out. Big Heel Fasteners hold the wire tight when a wire breaks and if needed they can be easily loosened while stretching. You can also take them out, move them up or down, and easily put them back in when your wire needs adjusting.

Build Fences Smarter

Building new fence and want to do it right the first time? Don’t use tie wire that weathers too quickly or fencing staples that can pull out or rust. Use Big Heel Fasteners to save yourself time and money. They’ll never rust, are easy to install with a battery-operated drill, and are designed to stay in place.


No Surface Too Hard

Big Heel Fasteners screw easily into old hardwoods like Hedge, Osage-Orange, Bois d’Arc, Bodard, Red Cedar, Black Locust, Honey Locust, and Red Mulberry.