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Hold your wires with fasteners that screw in easily, stay in, and can be removed easily for repairs.
Constructed from
tough aluminum alloy
and corrosion protected
torx head screws
Torx screw goes in easy with a battery
powered drill and holds securely.
The wide body has more surface on the wire than a staple.
Works for all wires, barbed, bare, and electrical.
Holds cattle and hog panels, wire netting,
horse fence and vineyard wires.

Most 18 volt drills will drive 250 to 300 Big Heel Fasteners per charge.

Small 12V Lithium Ion drill will drive 140 Big Heel Fasteners per charge.

Build Fence Stronger and Faster with the Big Heel Fastener.
Hold livestock from both sides of the fence.
Works in hedge and will not pull out like staples.
Big Heel Fasteners have a high thick heel that applies pressure on the holding area of the toe
for better grip with only one screw.
Fence Repairs Made Easy

You can repair fences easily when the tie wire is broken/loose around the post, or if the staples have fallen out. All you need in your tool box is a small battery-powered drill and a "BIG HEEL FASTENER."

Big Heel Fasteners hold the wire tight when a wire breaks and if needed they can be easily loosened while stretching. You can also take them out, move them up or down, and easily put them back in when your wire needs adjusting.

Build Fences Smarter

Building new fence and want to do it right the first time? Don't use tie wire that weathers too quickly or fencing staples that can pull out or rust. Use Big Heel Fasteners to save yourself time and money.

Big Heel Fasteners are constructed from tough aluminum alloy, with a corrosion protected screw. They'll never rust, are easy to install with a battery operated drill, and are designed to stay in place.

No Surface Too Hard

Big Heel Fasteners screw easily into old hardwoods like Hedge, Osage-Orange, Bois d'Arc, Bodard, RedCedar, Black Locust, Honey Locust, and Red Mulberry.

Big Heel Fasteners for Electric Power Pole Ground Wires

New "3/8 inch" Type Big Heel Fastener
"Tight" Type Big Heel Fastener

With stronger fasteners fewer are needed saving time.

Screws in firmly and will not pull out.
For small ground wires.
Big Heel Fasteners for Electric Fences & High Tensile

4" Round Tube

Split Round Tube
2" Split Round Tube

Held W/Big Heel Fastener Type 3/8"

These tubes can be purchased at your local farm supply store in long rolls. Pictured above is an example. The tubes are not sold at Big Heel Fasteners.

Being Placed On A Wire

Held W/Big Heel Fastener Type Loose

These tubes come unsplit in long rolls. You can supply, split and cut them to your desired length after purchasing from your local farm supply store.

Kencove 4" Flat Back
Big Heel Fasteners
Electic Rope

Held W/Big Heel Fastener Type 3/8"


.......Type Tight is 1-1/16"L X 5/16"W X 5/16H......... ......Type Loose is 1-1/16"L X 5/16"W X 5/16 H ....... .......Type 3/8" is 1-1/16"L X 5/16"W X 7/16 H..........

Held W/Big Heel Fastener Type 3/8"


Big Heel Fasteners for Vineyard Wires

Perfect for securing vineyard wire to fence posts.

Staples will fall out or rust off.
Big Heel Fasteners will stay in.
"I will never use tie wire again" !!!! Brian Dorman, Concordia, Kansas

FROM: ewwalckjr@aol.com

TO: llvonada@sbcglobal.net

I want to let you know I have installed some of your fasteners to attach loose wires to my old cedar fence posts, and the fasteners are just the ticket, as I imagined they would be.  Using my cordless drill-driver with the strong magnetic driver tip you sent along with the fasteners, installation was easy.  The magnetic tip really holds those screws; You do not lose them on the ground.  The screws are sharp and start easily. The clips or fasteners themselves appear to be just the right size... large enough and strong enough to hold the wire, yet surprisingly light in weight.  Also, they are smooth and do not stick out from the wires very far, probably not even as much as a regular staple would.  I believe they will hold up over time.  Prior to the availability of your fasteners, the only way I knew to reattach wires to old cedar posts like ones in some of my range fences was to tie wires to the posts with other wire such as baling wire or pieces of half of a twisted barbless wire, either wrapping the securing wire around the post like you would a clip on a metal t-post, or wrapping it tightly around both post and wire once and twisting.  In either case, the securing wires would invariably become loose and the wires would drop down the post.  If you tried to use a regular fence staple to reattach wires, all you would get would be a split post, a staple that quickly ended up in the dirt, and unsecured fence wires.  However, with your clips, the wires will now stay secure.  Your clips will work well for both the barbed wire and the range wire on my fences.  Sure, the clips cost some money, certainly more than a staple or a piece of wire, but your clips do the job where neither the staples nor tie wires will on old dry cedar posts.  I have wished for a product like this for many years, but I knew of none available until now.  I am glad I noticed the advertisement for your fasteners in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.  Thank you.          

Eugene W. Walck, Jr.
Walck Ranch
P. O. Box 535
Saratoga, WY 82331
PO Box 74
Barnard, KS 67418